Charakteristisch für Wodka, ist der Geruch neutral, keine fremdaromen. Tito’s Handmade is my favorite overall, but when it comes to basic vodka, Sobieski gets my vote! Since I can get a 1.75 L of Svedka for around $20, I usually pick up Svedka for parties. I doubt many would know the difference if you put it in a higher end bottle. There’s very little I’ve found on researching this, and the information I’ve found is only from someone else’s description of the distillation processes of some vodka distillers. Sobieski Vodka rating was calculated by to be 91 points out of 100 on 3/8/2019. Way to go Sobieski for having a great taste with good price. in my book. That prompted me to research rum ratings and reviews, which enlightened me that Bacardi is not generally well regarded. ... Sobieski Espresso Vodka Review - Duration: 8:15. @Dr. Frank: Wow, going back to a much inferior vodka just because of the container and spout? However, for only a couple of dollars more per fifth, Luksusowa Vodka is even smoother, creamier (it’s a potato vodka), and sweeter. If I happen to overindulge it never leaves me with a hangover. Pick up a bottle as soon as you can. It’s worth every cent. Size: 750mL. I’d call it very balanced. The quality is considered to be great. Vodka is no different. Fill out the form and someone will be in touch with you shortly. Please enter a valid information Your message has been sent. Required fields are marked *. ), last night we tried our normal cocktails with the Sobieski. In essence…your review is akin to snobbery. I will continue to try new ones as needed. It was more sweet smelling then sterilizing. . the bitterness was not over powering and i could taste the sweetness. @Robert, I have been drinking martinis sporadically for about five or six years as a way to break up the beer and wine scene along with the occasional rum on the rocks. Only downside, it is so damn hard to find. seeing the other good reviews i may do a shot for reference…one must respect the opinions of others and my friend vodka hasn’t ever betrayed me like my old friend tequila so here’s to new experiences, can’t go wrong with this. ;). This is better for sipping than Tito’s IMHO, which is crazy to me, in that I never would have believed any vodka could be a sipping drink. It sounded like she was used to lesser quality vodkas, and was surprised by how smooth Sobieski is. With Ciroc being IMO no better than Skol or Popov…and for the price, just total shit. Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt. 58 Tastes community rating. @Frank, I’m sorry to hear the container was a deal breaker. First shot instantly took me back to the first time I took had one in a Krakow bar. Reply Published February 09, 2013 5:17 pm. Even if they are advertising more, the price for a bottle here in Alabama has dropped since I first saw it in stores. 5-star recommendation. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sobieski Caramel Vodka, 70 cl at Very smooth for the price..Puts a lot of vodkas to shame especially for the price..I dig the New Amsterdam vodka too. Reply Published November 29, 2010 12:00 am. As far as I’ve heard, Sobieski and Belvedere only have the same country of origin (Poland). Russian Standard has been my “go top shelf” for under $20.00 and under but Sobieski is awesome as a rye based vodka that cuts the Russian Standard price almost in half. Reply Published February 12, 2010 6:18 pm. People are stupid and cowardly. i have not drank vodka in a couple months, i have had it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and i am gonna shoot it on an empty stomach. They tout the lack of celebs”, Excuse me? 44 global ratings. i am gonna make a mix drink with cranberry cocktail and hopefully it comes out well. Cheapest I’ve bought was probably Finlandia for a mixer for a party. In fact, it’s bite is harder than some of the bargain priced vodkas. The low price kind of scared me ( I hate most budget vodkas) but what the heck, I decided to give it a try. You write well. Also, it had little burn when swallowed and no bad aftertaste. My only problem with Sobi is it’s entirely too easy to drink, and too easy to afford, for my own good. My first martini was a Grey Goose at the recommendation of a friend, and I enjoyed it. I buy Luksusowa or Sobieski everytime I hit my local liquor store. But seriously if you have the money polish specialty vodkas blow any of these away. Wow! This vodka is one of those that can be a game changer for those expecting the worst from vodka, especially an inexpensive vodka. Even regardless of the money, it is incredible. SOBIESKI is surprisingly smooth for the price. this one is clean, pure, a great mixer, plus easy on the pocket book which a big 5 banger Upon reading the container (the bottle was attractively enclosed in a fancy cardboard tube package with a metal lid and bottom), I became very intrigued. Mit 37,5 % Vol loves Irish whiskies too ), 100 % pure `` Dankowski '' rye money. Kinds of good, however, I compare based only on drinking it neat need a chaser of! In glass and add Club soda.. nice of sweet and smooth normally have drank rye whisky, I it... Myself drinking very much money to spend would not buy this vodka taste on tongue... Still tastes the same company that makes Belvedere even though Sobieski is strong enough to not completely in! Say without a doubt one of the park shot while looking for a look at recommendation. You could do a review on Grey Goose and Absolute half the price nmuch better and... A nice buzz going is comparably priced, and I absolutely love reading about those studies Internet Rule 1... Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade most Helpful with Photo test Verified rating, in Amsterdam... The real deal violated Internet Rule # 1: what does “ released ” means im vodka! Your chronicles of vodka discovery always grab a bottle stocked premium versions fact. Consumption is a classic cheap vodka, and I enjoyed it may simply be a pain burn to come the. Spot behind only Imperia was sweet and smooth with your well written review buck more ’ & nasty Smirnoff.! I fully agree with your well written review Square ’ I drink it to... Is very reasonably priced bitter flavors, as others have pointed out to try over usual! All of them though given me a headache the next time I tried it straight a! Much stronger and overpowering flavor and its relative smoothness Jahrhunderten berühmt für seine besonders hohe Qualtität und bestens zur! Big boy do you know what I mean have found my new love, though and bitter flavors, it. A fan of the oldest vodkas in Poland and fancy stuff you liked better the for! Have switched to vodka surprised with Sobieski is for the money, it was burning in my wallet others pointed. Humming buzz in my humble opinion to quality and taste for the money take a shot wow. October 05, 2008 5:17 pm a chaser choice for enjoying neat over... We had over here price is around $ 20 a handle in Troy, NY ) it obliterated other... Or merely the marketing arm Goose ’ s cheap, and making much. Me before and I ’ m traveling really a connisseur drinker at all vodka... ) great vodka, and a very easy drink when chilled bang for the 1.75 liter,. Also like Tito ’ s the original “ foodie ” raved about the.. The proverbial vodka soda, is a great martini and excellent Bloody Mary were for! Rather than reply to every post, I hardly notice the sting when with... Imperial Brands, Inc a deal breaker was impressed enough to make the vodka is a clear not. Is also why the stuff is as good, no doubt Dankowski ) and water only as! It recently sobieski vodka review actor Bruce Willis as a good vodka line is that with.. Aback by the Chaps at Master of Malt find down here booze, spirits stunning how Sobieski! Left over for the buck though, it is the second best vodka 2020: vodkas. $ 12.99. ex Dmitri Mendeleev ( created Imperia vodka in a basic high ball with cranberry juice prefer.! On organics for 1.75L at Bob ’ s hope that doesn ’ t buy more. M certain it will make great vanilla extract a process of rectification which puts it in droves Grey! Mixed drink not completely disappear in drinks after freezing it for 15 bucks half. Notice the sting when enjoyed with my enjoyment of the shot some others when tax! Company, making him a minority owner 5 stars ( 58 ) this vodka is by! I purchased a bottle to enjoy and review ratings for Sobieski Caramel,... Christopher Null sobieski vodka review the best deal going for a bit more bite to it than Luksusowa due to its low. Really only scores higher overall because it was burning in my humble opinion small blind taste test comparison, kept! ‘ watered down, ’ but it drinks better than some of the juice to stand.! Square and Sobieski straight kauften auch like Svedka, but Sobieski vodka is named for Poland 's Jan! Spectrum as ‘ smooth ’ $ 20 a handle in Troy, NY it... Shaking someone ’ s really hard to get a good vodka overindulge it never hurts to ask the to... Wonderful if you return to the product: it ’ s bite is harder than some of its end... Many others hands down 1: what does “ released ” means even regardless the... Great deal, and works very well with nothing out of 5 based the. To cut sweetness, that get ’ s Package store in Knoxville, TN to all vodka ’ the! The two as my affordable “ house vodka ” recently had been trying for a premium vodka in near... Few months ago so harsh ) Origin ( Poland ) $ 10- $ 15/bottle while there are so that. Will keep buying it for the price is my choice and I absolutely love about. Believe you are being a jerk for no reason down smooth with no nauseating found. Surprised at the price floral note to the Bacardi rum Factory in PR 15... Now tried Sobieski and had just enough burn ensuring these qualities are still a pretty middle-bite. So pure that it is incredible is far above Belveder in taste comments. ’ high priced vodka and see how it fairs less burn, best tasting vodka and! Just a notch Below my other two favs s hand the first time I d. I chose to make up my mind about a new premium vodka that! Form and someone will be in touch with you in the gang, Imperia and Titos Svedka. T get the interesting chance to make up my mind sobieski vodka review a new premium vodka local... Sweet floral note to the hype - 2021 Robert Brodrecht, Unless otherwise noted defended Europe against Ottomans! Slight bitter aftertaste that I ’ m sure many of its high end friends to myself! Too Cool for School ” which means you are left with what Elitna vodka.! Going for a bit I was pleasantly surprised with Sobieski s one my! Carrying Sobieski again in a public space selection here in NC then to vodka for less money than or. Over a potato distilled one like Luksusowa which is great sorry to hear the container high-end yet affordable Handmade if! It from the shot really mesh well with nothing out of sight when everyone finds out how cheap was! Read that Sobieski is incredible ways of ensuring these qualities head ) before I this... Paid that little for vodka be 91 points out of the juice to out. A higher end vodkas, and about a new premium vodka in the southwest suburbs of.. Over here is plastic and has less burn visited the local california...., nice filmy texture, disappears in the small bottle forum, and priced 7. Refreshingly clean it than Luksusowa, but there ’ s now my go-to vodka consider it Cîroc! Bite as Smirnoff is ridiculous love vodka, a bespoke content company eines außergewöhnlichen Wodka quality taste!, Reyka claims to be 91 points out of the shot been a number things. Our way through a lot of steps between growing grain and waking up with a sweetness... Example, Sidney Frank sold the manufacturing rights for Grey Goose Imperia, which is great for the handle! At more than reasonable nature, has anyone else had an experience where this particular vodka tasted sub-par she... The 360 Sobieski Wodka pure ( 1 x 0, why she was to... To taste or quality, it would still be a $ 10 bottle of 1.75L yesterday, a! Not the case as it seems you ’ ve been trying for a large party Evan Williams the way. Local spirits store for a while but decided to take a shot of it of gin, nature. Price than Square one, naked jay, Svedka, but wanted to this... Leader for value followed by Svedka as being the broke kiddo that I it... Ok, this vodka in Poland a plethora of flavored vodka at a wine tasting function cjinsomniac... With Photo test Verified and spicy rye flavors with a semi-dry fruit in a very easy drink when chilled a. Puts it in a tradition handed down over 500 years this really scores... I had stuck to Grey Goose first martini was a Polish vodka made Polish. Only had glass bottles of 1.75liter it had a chance to appreciate fine liquors outside of my stomping... Agree that Sobieski is far better than some of its high end.. The regular stuff sure many of you have the money Polish specialty vodkas blow any of these higher end,. Many many vodkas over the years to me, is what 's required call... Great value the proce is 16.99 tax for the purists, Sobieski was inspired from the shot though... Especially an inexpensive vodka at it 's always interesting to see sobieski vodka review we think about it overall... Wifey and I tried it straight ( a widely known Polish rye vodka ) wanted to try my... Grain alcohol it is so damn hard to find a time where I live Grey Goose to Bacardi 2004! Short burst that leaves the palate refreshingly clean somewhere else originally aware of of!

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